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Lancaster University student, Lea Rüegg, is organising a free film screening of ‘Tomorrow’ (2015) for people living in Lancaster on 1st December 2019 at 19:30 at the Gregson Centre. This award-winning documentary explains our current socio-economic and political systems, offers alternatives to them, presents solutions to the environmental and social challenges we are facing today, and provides a positive narrative based on real-life projects all over the world. The film is divided up into five sections: Agriculture (food), Energy, Economy, Democracy, and Education, and weaves a clear story by creating links between all of them.

Lea describes it as “positive, empowering, and inspiring”; “It gives us all a chance to imagine a different future and gives us tools to put it into action, together!”

Following on from the Climate Emergency declaration of Lancaster City Council, as well as the school strikes and other events that have been happening locally, showing an uplifting documentary is a great way to keep the momentum going, bring together the local community, create a bridge between university and town, and maybe give hope to those who might feel defeated by the current socio-environmental crisis.

The screening will be followed by a relaxed discussion that everyone is welcome to join. Lea wants to open up a space for people to go over what the film discusses, share their thoughts and feelings, as well as enable new ideas to emerge. She has also invited local actors from a wide range of activities who will briefly present their projects in Lancaster, offering everyone the chance to learn more about them and potentially get involved in existing projects in the area. Anna Clayton has agreed to participate and will contribute to the topic of food and agriculture, presenting the projects and groups she works on and creating a bridge between the film and real-life projects in the area.

The film’s website is also a useful platform offering solutions and actions that can be taken on different levels: individual, collective, and political. On the subject of food, the website suggests: eating more organic food and less meat, transforming your neighbourhood, your village, your city into a vegetable garden, and redirecting the farming subsidies to facilitate the change towards organic farming, agroecology and permaculture.

Tickets can be booked online or at the bar of the Gregson Centre. Seats are limited to 60, so don’t wait up, book yours now! The film will be screened in the Olive Bar at The Gregson Center, Lancaster. Doors will open at 19:15, with the film starting at 19:30.

For more information see the event’s Facebook page.

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