Joy Warren, a local food pledger, talks about where she sources her local food.

joy warren

I am someone who loves food but I do not want steak or fancy sauces. I like my own home cooked meals best but I do not have much time for cooking. Therefore I tend to cook a large batch of ‘stew’ with a lot of lentils or beans and make it last for 5/6 days and put 2 portions in the freezer. The stew is always different according to what is seasonal. I build up an assortment of meals in the freezer so I can ring the changes. Sometimes I use meat or a mix of pulses and meat.

I have been buying my meat from Jim at Manseur Hall, a local farmer who butchers his own animals. He used to be organic till the powers brought in rules which made it impossible for him with the type of land he has. Sadly he has recently stopped selling meat at the market so I have had to build up my stocks! But in about 6 months I will have to find a new source or drive a long way to a new supplier.

I used to get eggs from Jim but I will use Billy on the market in the future for eggs. I buy Yorkshire honey and local butter from Callow Farm. I buy local Inglewhite cheese on the market. (It is the cheapest they make but it is gorgeous).

I buy oats, chocolate and local honey from Health and Brew on Cheapside and fill up my Ecover washing up liquid bottles there, plus other Ecover products. I also buy their spices and a few other things.

Single Step is good for flour, pulses, nuts, dried fruit and occasional bread.

The bulk of my food is vegetables. For the last 3 years I volunteered at Growing with Nature and had loads of their surplus veg. I now get a lot more from Claver Hill Spud Club – a community farm based on the Ridge.

I have grown my own tomatoes for years and still have some in the freezer from last year. In the winter I tend to eat sprouted seeds when I can’t get lettuce, but we usually have rocket or some other greens growing in the winter at Claver Hill. I used to make my own bread and will do so again when I have time. I also buy fish weekly from the local fishmonger.

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