FoodFutures is North Lancashire’s award winning Sustainable Food Place initiative. It is made up of representatives from the local farming community, local food businesses, the public sector, Lancaster City Council, NGOs, community food groups and our local academic institutions.

This partnership of people from across North Lancashire’s food system are working together to build an inclusive and collaborative community of practitioners, food citizens, policy makers and researchers that work on food matters in the local area. Our partnerships Terms of Reference can be found here.

Our Structure

Our structure and way of working is inspired by sociocracy.

Themed working groups take forward strategic work and practical projects that are aligned with ‘Our Food Futures: A community food strategy for North Lancashire’. Working groups are open to anyone to join.

Representatives from working groups attend closed heart group meetings – to make sure work is connected up and supported.

Representatives from working groups report on progress to open quarterly partnership meetings. These are open to newcomers as well as other groups and networks working around food.

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