THRIVEpod is North Lancashire’s pilot community food podcast. It is created by residents living in North Lancashire with the aim of inspiring and connecting with other people living in the area.

The podcast explores a range of topics that are published in THRIVE Magazine with article authors and other special guests. 

Each episode discusses different aspects of our food system and questions: how can we support and create a thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair?

You can listen to THRIVEpod via the buttons below and on Spotify.

Who is behind THRIVEpod?

THRIVEpod was conceived and initially developed by Lorraine Wheeler and Amy Kohl at FoodFutures, and Walney Extension Community Fund supported the initial episodes as a pilot project.

Caroline Robertson hosts the pilot podcast series and invites different speakers onto each episode to share different stories and experiences from around North Lancashire. 

Intro and outro music was created by Beth de Lange, and Aaran Kara from Man on the Lune supported editing.

Caroline has been a presenter and journalist on BBC local radio for over a decade, working at BBC Radio Cumbria, BBC Scotland and with the BBC Politics team at Westminster.

Born in Aberdeen, Caroline has lived in Edinburgh, Carlisle and now Lancaster, after falling in love with the city’s history, green spaces and brilliant coffee shops.

A food podcast is a dream gig as Caroline is passionate about her food, whether it’s finding out where it comes from, meeting the people who produce it, or learning about sustainability.

As the host of THRIVEpod she hopes to discover more about what North Lancashire has to offer when it comes to local food, with a real focus on community, as she chats with the people who make things happen here. She loves chips, Shakespeare and chihuahuas.

How to get involved

If you are interested in writing a foodie article for THRIVE Magazine and/or coming onto THRIVEpod as a guest, contact 


As a FoodFutures pilot podcast, we are keen to test the appetite for more episodes. We welcome you to share episode ideas, and feedback on the first series of podcasts by filling in this feedback form or by emailing:

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