From January 2021 Melanie Fryer of Foodfutures will be offering a series of cafe style/small group discussions (4 – 6 people) around food, the choices we make and the systemic changes we want to be part of.
These will consist of 3 x 2 hours sessions on zoom (face-to-face when possible) at fortnightly intervals and will go by the name ‘Know Better Food’ – drawing on the Better Food Traders work to date. 
The first session will be held on Wednesday 13th January 2021, the second on the 27th January 2021 and the third on the 10th February 2021 at a time to suit the group. If you are interested in taking part in the Know Better Food Sessions please email Melanie on by the 31st December.

About Better Food Traders

Better Food Traders was established in East London in 1993- in the very early days of veg box schemes. They aimed to make it easier for people to buy food that is good for the planet and people by accrediting and supporting food businesses governed by principles that ensure the food they trade is farmed sustainably, and the way they trade is fair to farmers and transparent to customers.
Better Food Traders is creating a viable alternative to the current destructive food system by utilising the collective buying power of communities to shape the food and farming practices that feed us. But they can’t change the big picture alone. If we are to feed everyone well in the future, we need to make some important choices about how we will do this. Part of this journey involves us thinking differently about our own role in society and how individual choices, when they are brought together purposefully, can make a difference.

Know Better Food

Know Better Food was launched to bring people together, so we can start to create a safe space for these challenging conversations and build support systems that encourage behaviour change. This is about making sure the food you eat is not exploiting the people who are making it or the land, air and water we rely on to create it.
Many more people are wanting to align what they eat with their ethics and this trend is likely to continue with more people cooking from scratch and growing their own.
If you are interested in taking part in the Know Better Food Sessions please email Melanie on by the 31st December. (Please note it is recommended that participants complete all three sessions).

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