FoodFutures Coordinators

Anna Clayton

FoodFutures Coordinator

“It may seem obvious, but food is essential for life. However, how food is grown and distributed can also destroy life and the health of humans and our wider ecosystem. I’m involved with FoodFutures as I have seen first hand how food can be grown, processed and shared in a way that builds communities, human health and healthy environments. I want to support a movement that is working to build a just, fair and resilient food system here in North Lancashire that is aligned with groups and communities around the world that are doing the same thing.”

Jamie Murphy

FoodFutures Partnership Co-Chair

“I feel that food is central to how communities work. It has such a significant effect on our health, environment, culture, relationships and understanding of each other. Joining a network of people dedicated to making a difference about food locally, as a community development worker, was clearly something I needed to be part of and help to contribute to. FoodFutures is a broad, wide-ranging and welcoming network that has had a positive impact in all our communities across the North Lancashire District.”

Grace Russell

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Fariha Blockley

Network Builder and Facilitator


Community Food Skills

Beccy Whittle

Working Group Lead

“I love being part of FoodFutures because food is a fabulous way of bringing people together and helping us figure out how we can tackle big problems like climate change, biodiversity loss and social inequality in the place where we live.”

Lancaster District Food Justice Partnership

Jeni Meadows

Development Worker

“I joined the Food Poverty Alliance because I want to make the place I call home the best it can possibly be, for everyone who lives there. I’m passionate about bringing the community together to solve local problems, and I think food is one of the best and most inclusive ways to do that. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you want to chat about food provision in North Lancashire!”

Local Food Economy and Procurement

Ellen Pearce

Working Group Co-Lead and FarmStart Coordinator

“I’m passionate about local food and really committed to increasing the amount of people locally growing food, and the amount of fruit and veg grown locally.”

Closing Loops

Rachel Marshall

Closing Loops Project Coordinator

“It’s been fantastic to see the Closing Loops project emerge from the FoodFutures strategy process and I’m so excited to have this opportunity to make some of them come to life. I am holding all the different strands of the project together, whilst making sure it stays connected with all the other great work happening across the district and the FoodFutures partnership.”

Jo Stocking

Closing Loops REconomy Coordinator

“I’ve always been inspired by creative ways to minimise and reuse waste – making something from nothing seems magical somehow. I enjoy facilitating collaboration and learning, so having the opportunity to do this as part of my role is great. I look forward to supporting people, organisations and communities to get involved in building a thriving regenerative local economy here in North Lancashire.

Silvia Rossi

At Global Link: Closing Loops Food and Chefs Network Coordinator

“My role allows me to combine a passion for preparing healthy food with the opportunity to contribute to building community resilience around sustainable locally produced food and cooking skills. I feel privileged to be in the position to coordinate a network of passionate community cooks and professional chefs sharing the FoodFutures vision of a local food economy that is healthy, resilient and fair, and have fun along the way!

Nina Osswald

Closing Loops Engagement Coordinator

“Part of my role is to engage people living in North Lancashire in the CL project – at events and by telling the world about what we’re trying to do. I also work on developing a One Planet Diet for North Lancashire along with recipes, which is great as I love cooking and eating. (I’m really just here for the food if I’m honest …!)”

Jay Godden

At Eggcup: Gleaning Network Coordinator

“I organise gleans in the local area’s farms and growing spaces to capture food that would otherwise go to waste. I also work closely with Eggcup to find food that can’t be sold but that is still good to eat, which Eggcup redistribute to those in our district who are on a tighter budget.”

Andi Chapple

Communications Coordinator

I work on developing the FoodFutures seasonal markets and THRIVE magazine, and work with people who have an eye on system change – this balances my tendency to focus on small-scale projects and on individuals.”

Diana McIntyre

Community Composting Coordinator

 “I remember my grandparents’ vegetable patch and their ways of making use of everything; their enjoyment and the everydayness of their relationship with food (growing) and compost has been passed down to me. The community composting role is giving me an amazing opportunity to work collectively in response to the current climate, biodiversity and food challenges we all face.”

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