In his recent book called “Why Do We Eat (Too much) – The New Science of Appetite”, Dr. Andrew Jenkinson states that we have all been persuaded to eat heavily processed and addictive food by manufacturers who put profit above the health of their customers. The chemical effect of this is that our brains react as if we are starving ourselves by storing increasing amounts of fat in our bodies.

These are shocking and controversial proposals. We may think we have a conscious choice about what we eat. But, how many of us struggle with maintaining a healthy weight through following weight-loss diets, only to find that, after losing initial pounds, we eventually rebound to an even higher weight than we were before?

According to Dr Jenkinson, the worst thing we can do to lose weight is to starve ourselves because we then reset our body’s mechanisms and eventually, we settle at a higher ‘normal’ weight.

So, what can we do if we want to lose weight healthily?

We can learn to eat the natural, local, seasonal food that out great-grandparents used to eat before ultra-processed foods began to appear on supermarket shelves, says Dr. Jenkinson.

In this light, Transition City Lancaster (TCL0 is planning to run a new group this autumn called “The Lancashire Lifestyle Group”.

TCL is one of Lancaster’s longest running local community initiatives dedicated to tackling climate change. The proposed lifestyle group will be a supportive space to learn how to cook and grow food together in an environment that takes on board all the latest findings about the benefits of locally-sourced organic, natural foods. By relearning how our bodies need nutritionally balanced food to keep them healthy, we can help each other develop a healthy, sustainable and carbon-neutral lifestyle.

If you would be interested in finding out more about this group, please email and mention Lancashire Lifestyle in the subject line.

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