We’re plotting to grow more organic food locally! 

This is the fourth and final in a series about the 2021 cohort of FarmStarters.

Jess is one of four trainees working on two newly established sites called ‘The Plot.’ The FarmStarters help manage the market garden and growing projects as training to one day start and/or manage their own sustainable veg operation. 

“Organic grower by day, RHS Student by night… I discovered my passion for horticulture in my early twenties, I remember the joy watching my first wildflower meadow transform over the season and ever since then I have been hooked on growing and creating spaces adorned with flowers and vegetables. I love the discovery of new varieties and the holistic creative feeling it can bring to a space (it’s also a bonus when you can eat a tasty — and free — snack).

‘The soil is my canvas and my paints are flowers’ – this quote by Ron Finley sparked a revolutionary new chapter within myself, and I decided to follow my passion further by returning to education at Myerscough College to study Land & Wildlife Management and RHS Horticulture principles. 

My studies really brought home to me the impact industrial agricultural methods have on our planet, and the complex balancing act of restoring fragile ecosystems whilst creating food sovereignty both locally and globally. Ever since then I have been on a regenerative agriculture mission. Due to the unprecedented times we find ourselves in – the increasing threat of climate breakdown and the encroaching 6th mass extinction – furthered my ambition to be part of a history that creates a holistic approach to farming by using practices that increases biodiversity, creates habitat for wildlife, promotes positive soil health and provides nutrient-rich food. 

Being a steward of the land is more than economic gain for me: it’s a both political and spiritual experience with direct impacts on the inheritance of future generations – I take great reward in the accountability of how I will leave the land I work. Thanks to LESS and FoodFutures I have been able to follow my passions in creating local food sovereignty and further my understanding in the practical application of regenerative agricultural methods here at [The Plot at] Old Holly Farm, Garstang, UK.”

We need your help to establish these growing projects. Can you spare £5 per month? Become a FoodFriend through our small-scale society lottery scheme and you could win one of six prizes every month. Your monthly membership fee supports the establishment of The Plot, training for FarmStarters AND supports local businesses who we purchase the prizes from. 

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