Joe Duirwyn from Filbert’s Bakery in Lancaster invites you to join them on an adventure.

Exciting things are afoot for Filbert’s bakery. We are just about to launch a second site in Halton, but this one is going to be a little different.

Community and food have always been front and centre of what Filbert’s is about, so ‘Filbert’s Too’ has been designed to really make those aims sing. We asked: What if we could design a bakery that meets the needs of our local community more thoroughly?

From asking this question, our new, truly sustainable vision was born. One that encompasses renewable energy, community, regenerative farming, supply chain security, resilience, and climate awareness, all built on a not-for-profit platform. This is going to be a journey – an adventure – and we hope that you will join us.

A recipe for resilience

Let’s start with energy. Filbert’s turns flour, water, yeast, and electricity into delicious baked goods. On average we use about 2.2 tons of flour, 1.6 tons of water, and 3400 KWh of electricity per month. So, managing our resources is pretty important, especially with the volatile energy market and the carbon cost.

We already buy electricity from a renewable source, but the new bakery, in true Halton style, will have a large Solar PV array to provide more than half of our energy demand. Batteries will help push that even further.

A sustainable business is a resilient one. One that pays a living wage or above. A business that treats all interactions and relationships equitably and has the trust and respect of its customers. We’d like to think we’ve grown that over the last ten years, and we are committed to continuing in that vein by thinking outside the box and meeting the climate challenge head on. Our new not-for-profit status will allow us to pour any profits back into the business, attract grant funding, and deliver on our new aims to offer even more local food for our wider community,

There is much to do, and we’re only at the beginning of this adventure. We now need to finish the planning application, begin the grant applications, start a crowdfunder, install many solar panels, fit out the new bakery, build relationships with amazing local groups, and somehow carry on baking great bread for you lot and stay this side of madness … (which side that is, I leave to you).

Read the midsummer edition of THRIVE Magazine, and keep an eye on our social media channels for more information, exciting announcements, ways to get involved, and updates on our journey.  @filbertsbakery

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