A personal account by Lisa, FarmStart trainee

June has been a month of many weathers. We’ve had intense heat waves, blazing sun, crazy storms, wild wind and thankfully some rain. The poor plants have suffered but are now surprisingly doing really well after a good rainfall.

Whilst most of us enjoyed the heatwave, the plants weren’t so happy, the spinach bolted, the mustards were insect bitten and the peas dried up. The plants required a lot of nurturing through the hot weather and we all did a little dance when it rained, and so did the plants! The polytunnel is a jungle of goodness and I’m finding myself just looking at the plot with a big smile. It’s a sight to behold and just keeps getting better as the growing season is in full swing. We have a carefully planned crop plan so as soon as one crop finishes, another crop goes in its place. The courgettes and pumpkins are now in the ground ready for the glut occurring anytime and the direct sown carrots and parsnips are happily growing ready to harvest later in the year.

It’s not just the veg that is blooming, with that comes an array of weeds and being an organic market garden, the only way to control them is to hand pull them from the ground and they go straight into the compost heap, as does any insect eaten veg (the odd hole is ok, we are organic after all) and veg that isn’t having a great time. Composting is really important to me, I hate wastage, but knowing we can create a usable product from the weeds and veg is a blessing.

The weekly crop shares have an exciting selection of fruits and vegetables which we freshly hand pick every week. The likes of kohl rabi, kale, beans, herbs and salads with beautiful edible flowers are picked and packed to order and delivered to their collection points by 4pm Friday. As the boxes contain seasonal veg the contents are different each week. How exciting is that for the crop sharer, a surprise box of locally grown, delicious organic veg, hand-picked and prepared that same day – no chemicals, no food miles, no unnecessary packaging, just beautiful veg grown with love.


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