Written by Simone Schroth, a member of The Plot’s community-supported veg box scheme. 

My husband discovered an ad for The Plot in the local magazine two years ago, and there is also a poster in our staff kitchen at the university. This year will be the third time we are taking place in the scheme, and we can’t wait for crop-share 2024 to start. 

When I grew up in Germany in the 80s and early 90s, awareness of issues such as climate change, the pollution of our planet and the depletion of the soils was rising. It frightens me to see that many of the predictions that scared me as a teenager have already come true or are about to become a reality we will have to face. This might seem far away, but it isn’t. It is obvious that climate change needs to be addressed on a global level, by both world leaders and local politicians. 

At the same time, there are things we can do as individuals, especially as consumers. Buying from The Plot means that our food doesn’t travel further than a few miles, and there is even a delivery service, so only a minimum of petrol is used. We love this as so often what we buy involves many more miles.

Once my husband came back from collecting our box and said a gentleman his age had pointed at the content. ‘Do you know what this is?’ – ‘I’m afraid I don’t; I just collect everything and my wife does the cooking.’ – ‘That’s what I do.’ While this really made me laugh, it makes me sound more capable than I am! I only really started to cook after I went from vegetarian to vegan during lockdown; my husband is now mostly vegan. We made this choice for ethical reasons, for the animals and for the planet, and will happily tuck into vegan burgers, chocolate, biscuits and ice cream. At the same time, we are interested in our health, so again the boxes from The Plot are most welcome. 

I always look forward to the weekly email about the upcoming contents, and I enjoy looking at the produce, the lovely greens, the deep, rich colours of beetroot and squashes, the flowers in the salad. We also love the idea of supporting local growers, especially as the scheme involves those with experience teaching people new to the field in the FarmStart training programme. 

When collecting our box, we keep bumping into friendly people who are very obviously enjoying their work! The Plot scheme, to us, means action and hope for the future. Both are much needed. Roll on Crop-share 2024!

More information about becoming a crop-sharer: www.the-plot.uk

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