Over the past year FoodFutures has facilitated a process to co-create a positive 2030 food vision for North Lancashire and a strategy for getting there. More than 250 people of all ages and backgrounds have fed into the process and we are now ready to share it with the world!

Our food futures: a community food strategy for North Lancashire’ is now available to read online..

FoodFutures working groups will take forward elements of a North Lancashire food strategy, but if we are going to make this vision of healthy and sustainable food a reality, we will need plenty of help. Over the next 10 years we hope for this community food strategy to be shaped and reviewed by many more people from across North Lancashire – including you!

There’s lots of ways to get involved – whether as an individual, community group, business, activist, local organisation or policy maker. We’d love for the strategy to be taken, adapted and elements of it be embedded in local policy, in the strategy documents of local organisations and the CSR reports of local businesses.

To support this, we encourage you to read the strategy and then take one or all of the following steps:

Share your feedback. What are you excited about? What is missing from the 2030 vision? What can you do? Share your thoughts on social media, using #GrowingFoodFutures or email foodfutures@lessuk.org – it will help us to see who is interested in being part of this conversation and we can help connect you with the right group or contact.

Connect and link up. Find others that are interested in making a change locally and work with others to move projects forward. If you don’t know anyone, find like-minded people in FoodFutures working groups, volunteer with a local community food organisation, or join online groups like Friends of FoodFutures on Facebook. Visit the FoodFutures website and attend the next Quarterly Partnership meeting to share your ideas – this is a great place to come if you are looking for an overview of what’s happening locally.

Take action. There are many ways to support this positive food vision and strategy – as a policy maker, business, an organisation or individual. Check out the Good Food Manifesto and ‘Call to Action’ at foodfutures.org.uk/food-strategy for inspiration.

We also plan to host a community conversation as part of the Big Green Week (18th -25th September) to officially launch this community food strategy.

More details coming soon…

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