Are you or your organisation doing something fabulous with food? If yes, we’d love to celebrate it, with a chance of winning the Silver Award!

What is the Silver Award?

In 2019, Lancaster and Morecambe received a Sustainable Food Places Bronze Award for the amazing work that was done to build a healthy, fair, and sustainable food system in our area. Now it’s our chance to go for a Silver Award! This is a big deal as only nine places in the UK have a Silver Award currently. To support the application, and to do our area justice, we need your help…

What are FoodFutures doing?

We are pulling together and submitting the Silver Award application. If successful, the award will be attributed to North Lancashire, not just us. Our goal is to use this opportunity to acknowledge and share the outstanding efforts of individuals, organisations, businesses, and community groups across our region.

What to share?

Are you hesitant about sharing what you’re up to? Don’t be! The more stories we share, the better! If you need some inspiration, here’s a brief list of activities that members of our local community might be doing:

  • running a food club or food bank to offer emergency food support
  • gleaning and sharing seasonal surpluses
  • running holiday clubs for young people that include a range of food skills and activities
  • adopting a policy that supports more local, healthy, and sustainable food procurement
  • supporting a community garden or allotment
  • offering more local, sustainable, and healthy meals on your menu
  • organising local food festivals and events
  • running cooking classes that use local, healthy, and more sustainable ingredients
  • meals on wheels with sustainable and healthy food
  • increasing the uptake of healthy start vouchers and free school meals
  • starting or shifting business to offer more local, sustainable, and healthy food
  • offering local food loyalty vouchers or running a local food directory
  • community composting
  • reducing food and other waste
  • embedding sustainable food skills in your school curriculum
  • community meals or celebrations
  • sharing stories – through podcasts, articles, or social media – about sustainable food initiatives
  • campaigning around healthy, fair, and sustainable food issues.

How to share?

To help us get this Silver Award for everyone in our area, we’d love it if you could fill out this short survey by 21 August 2023. The survey will help us to highlight your work and contributions in the application.

Please also help us by sharing this widely with your local networks:

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