FoodFutures is North Lancashire’s award-winning Sustainable Food Network.

We are working to build a collaborative community of practitioners, food citizens, policy makers and researchers that work on food matters in the local area.

FoodFutures is made up of representatives from the local farming community, local food businesses, the public sector, Lancaster City and County council, NGOs, community food groups and our local academic institutions.

This partnership of people from across North Lancashire’s food system are working together to make healthy, sustainable and fair food available to everyone in the District. Our terms of reference can be found here.

Our Vision

A thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair.

We work towards making our vision a reality through:

‘cooperation, connections and action’

We connect initiatives and catalyse action across the food system; supporting the development of a collaborative cross-sector food partnership that oversees the cultivation and delivery of a Sustainable Food Action Plan for Lancaster District.

‘fair food / the environment’

We think globally and act locally, working towards promoting and supporting the fair and equal distribution of healthy food, treating consumers, animals, workers and the land fairly.

We harness local passion and expertise for healthy, resilient and fair food in order to help it spread and grow so that more people, places and organisations within our District can benefit from being part of a resilient food sector.


We are an ambitious, dynamic organisation promoting a resilient and sustainable food system now and for the future.


Our working groups, quarterly partnership meetings and steering (heart) group are key to cultivating this resilient food work.

Food Poverty

Tackling food poverty, diet-related ill health and access to affordable healthy food

Food Skills

Building community food knowledge, skills, resources and projects

Food Economy

Promoting a vibrant and diverse sustainable food economy


Transforming catering and food procurement

Healthy Food & Environment

Heart Group

Facilitating collaborative food working cultures.


Joining the dots by developing a holistic local food strategy.

Our Network

This network map helps to visualise key stakeholders within FoodFutures network, facilitating collaboration.

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