Written by Sami, organiser of Potato Day

Saturday Jan 29th was pretty windy but not too cold and only a bit of light rain. The sun broke through briefly in the afternoon as a bunch of lovely Claver Hill folk set up our tents and stalls on Market Square – near the library. We annually host a Potato Day where vast quantities of organic seed potatoes are sold to the public. To make the most of it all, we also have a seed swapping/saving stall along with our wonderful homemade jams and chutneys.

My main reflection of the day is about enthusiasm. The enthusiasm of people coming for potatoes and seeds. The enthusiasm of everyone who wrestled tents up and down in the wind. Also, the enthusiasm of those who minded the stalls all day.

It does seem that more and more people are wanting to grow food locally. As well as the seasoned allotment holders coming for their annual favourite spuds – we had many people new to potato growing and wanting to give it a go. I recall one small group just standing and staring at the display, saying they had no idea there were so many varieties of potato.  We had 29 varieties at the start of the day and 9 left at the end. A big feature of Potato Day is the friendliness and the conversations – everyone involved is volunteering their time, energy and knowledge about what to grow, where and how. Huge amounts of growing expertise freely shared.  

 Chatting about ideas for new projects have always been a big part of the Potato Day gathering – I heard snippets about herb projects being invented – so who knows what we may have on our stalls in 2023!  We may be back in the warm at the Meeting House by then. As always, Potato Day is held on the last Saturday in January. Watch the Claver Hill Facebook page for more info – https://www.facebook.com/ClaverHill    

If you’d like to grow veg but don’t have space, check out the Spud Club at https://www.facebook.com/groups/958779027527255 you will be made very welcome.

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