Cut The Wrap will be attending Lancaster’s Midwinter Market next Friday 14th December in Lancaster’s central market square – offering a range of plastic-free goodies and advice.

poster MIDWINTER (1)-page-001In preparation for the market, I caught up with Paul and Cat- owners of Cut The Wrap– to find out more about their plastic-free business and what they offer…

Two years ago Paul and Cat decided to give up single-use plastics. This lifestyle change was partly fueled by Paul’s experience of working in a supermarket and being shocked at the amount of plastic waste generated behind the scenes – before plastic-wrapped food items even make it home!

In trying to give up plastic, they found a lot of things easy to avoid or find alternatives to- disposable coffee cups and bottles being prime examples. However some things, such as pasta and rice, were much harder to find plastic-free alternatives to.

In trying to find alternatives to these trickier items, Cat and Paul came across the idea of ‘zero waste shops’ online. They struggled to find a zero waste shop close to them in Ulverston and so started to consider opening one themselves. Fast forward a couple of years and Ulverston’s first zero waste shop opened on the 7th July 2018, supported by a small crowdfunder campaign. It joined a network of approximately 100 plastic-free shops dotted around the UK, with more in the planning stage. (Rumors suggest a group is seeking to set one up in Morecambe…)

Cut The Wrap now has a community of supportive local customers and is also visited by a range of people on holiday in the Lake District. Support for the shop has grown thanks, in part, to the recent Blue Planet episode that exposed our ocean plastics problem – increasing peoples’ desire to cut down on single-use plastics.

The Ulverston shop aims to support people in transitioning to more plastic-free lives; offering a wide range of food and non food items. From plastic free toothbrushes and wax bread wraps to sweets, washing up liquid, shampoo and milk, Cat and Paul are seeking out the best plastic-free options.And where options are limited, they have come up with their own solutions.

They have started making their own almond and oat milk in the shop to offer tetra pack free alternatives to plant milks. Customers can now pre-order plant milks and bring their own bottles to refill. They have also started making a range of home made palm oil free nut butters including: almond butter, peanut butter, chocolate and hazelnut spread and hazelnut butter.

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