Growing with Grace is an organic and sustainable vegetable grower in growing with grace farm visitClapham, North Yorkshire. Last year (2014), a number of Lancaster based community groups organised a trip to the farm as part of Lancaster’s local food month. We hope to do something similar this year. If you are interested please get in touch (

In this week’s local food column Tony, from Growing with Grace, talks about the upcoming growing season and recent changes on the farm…


growing with grace veg box

This is a wonderful time of year, at  the start of the growing process.

It is very exciting when seeds  arrive, and the first seedlings  appear in the propagation house.

Though still chilly we are already harvesting pak choi, rocket, mixed salads, lettuce, spinach and chard – all of which have over wintered under the protection of Growing with Grace’s glass houses.

With 2.5 acres of growing space under glass, the work will soon increase and the pressure will be on for our growers Cara and Neil. They will be planting seeds, planting out, staking, hanging lines, weeding and harvesting.growing with grace

Each year volunteers play their part in supporting Growing with Grace’s work and we are very grateful to them indeed.

As we enter a new season we are delighted to welcome two new members of staff- Bryony and Sam. They are joining the team that delivers veg boxes to the doors of our customers. We deliver to a large area- from Skipton to Lancaster, up into the Lake District and all places in between. We also sell produce through our farm shop.

Bryony, who hails from Dent, will be working alongside Chris to plan and order fresh produce. She will also be working with Reg to pack your veg and groceries and chilled and frozen organic products, for delivery to your homes.

A local lad, Sam, will be joining me and Kate as a member of the shop team.

We grow a huge variety of produce at Growing with Grace, so growing here is always exciting. This year we will have our legendary golden cherry tomatoes, lots of salads and herbs and even more purple sprouting broccoli! We will also be growing purple french beans, yellow courgettes, “chocolate” peppers and dare we hope for aubergines? We do!

People interested in volunteering at Growing with Grace, who want to learn about organic agriculture at the same time, are encouraged to contact us on 01524251723 or email us on

Anybody interested in coming along for an hour or two, or more, will always be made very welcome.


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