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Lancaster’s Spring Market returns to Lancaster’s central market square this Friday 30th from 10-17:00. A Fairtrade Easter Egg Hunt is planned, as is a seed swap and clothes swap (so bring surplus seeds and clothes to exchange!)

In preparation for the market I asked some Spring Market stalls what the spring means to them and why they’d recommend popping down to the Spring Market…

The Faces Behind Our Food

Filbert’s bakery commented “We love the beginning of the growing season- the first Rhubarb and greens, walking to work with the blackbirds singing, It can mean some fairly tricky bread wrangling as the temperatures go up and down though! We’d recommend coming to the Spring Market to see what real, local people are producing that is interesting and that is generating industry in the area.”

Sewing Café Lancaster likes the Spring for the “flowers, birds and fresh air”. They will be bringing antique Sewing machines to Lancaster’s Spring Market to teach embroidery as well as selling a range of handmade treasures. You should come to the market “because the soul of Lancaster’s community will be there!”

For Bee Inspired Flowers “Spring is a time of celebration, an end to the winter months and a return of the sun and warm weather. We hit the ground running and everything accelerates so that we can produce as much as possible in the growing season. Even as a small scale grower the race to get seeds growing and the ground prepared is well on its way but the weather holds us firmly in its hands. People should attend the spring market to have a connection with local producers and maybe glean some understanding of how seasonal our food and flowers really are.”

The Faces Behind Our Food

For Cockerham Goats Spring is often the busiest time of year. “For us it sees the birth of hundreds of new animals. It is always an exciting time and each birth is still fairly magical. Spring also sees us start to look towards the next seasons,  As it gets warmer and there starts to be signs of the grass growing we can begin to think forward to winter as we prepare to gather in the forage which will be fed to the stock then. Farmers are always thinking a couple of seasons in advance! People should come to the Spring Market because its a great opportunity to collect fresh local produce from a selection of the area’s small producers.”

“Spring means tree planting here at the woodland trust! The thing we do best.”

For Mepop Cakes “Spring is basically our start to sunshine! I love the flowers, smells, the atmosphere & people generally seem in a much happier place! I intend to reflect on the colours and tastes of sunshine in my cakes on the day with light fresh flavours”.

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