This time last year I suggested that your New Year’s resolution could be a pledge to source more local and sustainable food. I once again urge you to take the local food pledge and support local farmers and sound environmental and animal rights’ practices.

The Growing our Local Food Economy’s local food pledge not only asks people living in Lancaster District to pledge to source at least a third of their food locally, but supports pledgers in meeting this challenge.

Anne, one of our 52 pledgers, comments on her experience so far:

anne jarvis “I took up the food pledge at the end of July 2015 primarily to challenge myself to  live a greener lifestyle. I like cooking all sorts of food but had got into a habit of  eating the same things week in week out. Having an allotment and visiting Claver  hill sporadically I have had lots of fresh veg this summer and surprisingly a little  goes a long way. I’ve found it a challenge not regularly reaching for the avocados  when shopping as I love them. I have found I visit a supermarket less often in the  month and so I’m less tempted to buy exotic items.”

“The food challenge has also encouraged me to think if I really need to buy an item  and got me to ask the question: can I wait until there’s a local option more accessible  or can I eat/cook something else?”

“I’m definitely sourcing more food locally now than I was before I took the challenge. I’m not one for keeping a spread sheet or list of where I buy stuff but I’m visiting more local grocery/fish/meat suppliers. I’m keen now to ask more restaurants and cafés where their food is sourced as its usually not clear.”

“I imagine that if I was still cooking for a big family this would be more of a challenge but not impossible. Just more time would be needed to be inventive with food.”

If you are not sure where you can buy and source local food from, check out LESS’s online Local Food Directory. You can use this online tool to find out where to buy specific food products locally. From a local meal, to a snack or an onion- it’s all there!

If you are interested in pledging to source 30% of your food locally sign up online or contact for more information.

Why not make your New Year’s Resolution a Local Food pledge?

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