This week I’ve been talking to Tom Fyson, Local Food Project Coordinator at LESS – a local not for profit organisation which has been promoting local food for many years…???????????????????????????????

“As activities are taking place across Lancaster for Local Food month it’s also an exciting time for LESS as we launch our new initiative ‘Growing Our Local Good Economy’. This will run for the next three years to connect people to where their food has come from and identify and remove barriers to buying and selling local food. We’ll also be tracking the economic benefits of spending locally.”

“We believe that seasonal local food tastes better and is fresher and more nutritious than imported goods. Reduced transport, refrigeration and packing also benefits the environment. HoGrowing Our Local Food Economywever, local produce isn’t always easy to find in the shops and the cost is sometimes higher. Convenience is also a major factor especially if, like me, you’re at work during the day and have a young family.”

“Over the next year we’ll be aiming to overcome some of these barriers but first we need to hear from you. Do you already buy local produce?  Would you like to buy more and if so what’s stopping you? Are you a local producer or retailer already selling to local residents or who would like to sell more? You can send us an email or respond to our survey for local residents at

As we learn more about where you’d like to buy local food and what’s stopping you we will work with retailers and producers to trial solutions and make it easier to find local and seasonal goods. We’ll also be organising events for local people to meet producers and learn firsthand about where their food comes from.

The first of these takes place in Local Food month when we’ll be taking a minibus to visit Growing with Grace, a local organic growing cooperative. If you’d like to join us on 30th October just give us a ring on 01524 66100 to book a space on the bus.



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