So much has happened at The Plot already. I can’t believe we are nine weeks in. 

So far, we’ve dug out weeds, prepared and rotavate the beds, planted seeds, and started to pick salad and veggies for orders. 

The initial days at The Plot were anything but picturesque scenes of tending to lush crops. Instead, it was an onslaught of mud, relentless rain, and the constant battle against stubborn weeds. Yet, amidst the toil, there is abundant fun, learning, and friendship – and a polytunnel to retreat into when it all gets too much. The rhythm of the daily tasks, while demanding, holds a certain calm, promising both challenge and satisfaction. I’m embracing the role of a novice grower and enjoying spending time outside.

My journey into horticulture started a few years ago with an allotment. During lockdown and beyond this space has been a sanctuary and a source of joy. It has been a cycle of planning and organising, deciding what to grow, and observing what happens each season. There have also been unexpected social benefits – receiving tips, gaining feedback, and sharing the tastiest food – ever! 

Through my new journey as a FarmStarter, I anticipate acquiring new skills and gaining insight into commercial growing practices and sustainable land management. I aspire to contribute to creating a more equitable food system by cultivating healthy, accessible produce while regenerating the land. It is a unique experience to learn so much information surrounding regenerative farming and the importance of local produce but to absorb that information while physically putting the knowledge you are gaining into practice – it is fantastic!

I feel I am already reaping the rewards of this experience, while only being two months in, it is hard to describe it to others; the learning, the hands-on hard work, the mess, the mud, the new friendships, it is special.

Beyond The Plot, I work as a facilitator and coach and hope to weave together both of these skill sets to support others to have the confidence to grow their own healthy and sustainable food and gain the well-being benefits that go alongside working with nature.

I’d love to read this piece by myself in another two, three, four months’ time to see how much has changed, to see what more I’ve learned, and what I’ve achieved. How much knowledge can I gain? I can’t wait to know more and share more.

I’m excited to see how the year progresses.

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