Cara, the main grower at Growing with Grace, talks about their organic farm based near Clapham on the Lancashire and Yorkshire border.

Cara GWG Courgette harvesting

Growing with Grace has been supplying fresh local produce to the  Lancaster area for over ten years.  We grow a wide range of vegetables in  five glasshouses on three acres in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.  Our aim  has always been to supply people with fresh healthy food produced to the  highest ethical standards.  That is why we farm organically – it reduces the  pesticides in your food, maintains the health of soils and protects  wildlife.

We provide home deliveries and you can choose a veg box or select your  own veg as well as an increasing range of organic groceries from our  online shop.  If you are in the area it is always worth dropping by our farm  shop, especially in the summer when you can take a look around the glass  houses and see us growing your veg.  The farm and shop can be found outside the village of Clapham off the A65.  It is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of fruit and veg as well as whole foods and we think, one of the best ranges of organic, vegan and fairly traded chocolate you are likely to find anywhere.

We’re a small team of dedicated foodies.  I am the main grower and am out and about round the clock caring for yourCara GWG lettuce spinach, broccoli and aubergines.  Our handpicked salads with edible flowers are a speciality.   We are extremely proud of the quality of our produce.  We believe that growing in good soil can produce exceptional flavours.  Often your produce is delivered just days after it was picked on the farm; the difference this can make to flavour amazes people.  Green leafy vegetables like calabrese and spinach loose texture and flavour with every hour after picking.  Tomatoes ripened on the vine are a completely different experience to those watery supermarket things”.

Whilst we know that we all need to reduce our ecological footprint, food miles and pesticides, we believe that deciding to support your local farmer shouldn’t feel like a punishment.   So whilst we are sure you’ll enjoy our cavelo nero and think our purple sprouting is to die for, if you don’t want to be drowning in kale come February you won’t be.

If your new year’s resolution is to eat more local, or just increase your fresh fruit and veg, have a look at and get yourself a box of hand-picked veg on your doorstep.  It’s like Christmas every week”.

GWG veg box

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