local food columnLast Saturday the Growing Our Local Food Economy (GOLFE) project ran a stall at Potato Day.

The event was well attended and lots of organic seed potatoes went to good homes, ensuring that a diverse range of potatoes are grown locally in 2016. If you didn’t attend Potato Day but still want to buy seed potatoes email steve@guiver.plus.com for more information. We also have some locally grafted fruit trees for sale at £15 each. If you would like to buy one of these contact anna@lessuk.org for more information.


Creating a local food delivery scheme…

The aim of the GOLFE stall was to promote local food, including Lancaster’s latest new deli and café, the Radish (The Radish is located behind the library- next to the Novel Café).

The GOLFE stall also gathered ideas and thoughts about a potential new local food delivery scheme. You can provide us with your thoughts by completing this short survey.

Local food could be delivered to local households through existing delivery networks, making good use of our local milkmen for example. Or it could involve the creation of a new delivery scheme…

We therefore asked whether people use a milkman and if yes, what they have delivered. If people didn’t use a milkman we tried to understand why. The most common response was: ‘I would use a milkman if they offered a wider range of produce – including more organic produce and alternative milks such as soya and oat milk’.

We also asked: ‘What would a local food delivery scheme have to offer for you to use it?’ Answers included offering a wider range of produce that was ethically sound, and for produce to be delivered little and often to avoid food waste. When asked ‘how often would you expect a scheme to deliver?’ Most people responded with weekly or twice a week. Only those who lived on their own requested daily deliveries.

In terms of delivery methods, there are currently two main options: door to door delivery or the use of collection points whereby several orders are dropped off at a local pub or community center for individuals to come and pick up at a convenient time. We asked people which method they would prefer. The majority of respondents said door-to-door delivery unless collection points were within walking distance of their house.

And the key question: ‘how much more (if any), would you be willing to spend if you could have local food delivered to your house?’ Most people felt they would be willing to pay a little extra (£3) to have local and sustainable food delivered to their doorstep.

We are still collecting thoughts on the above via an online survey.

If you have any further comments or questions on the above, please contact anna@lessuk.org  01524 66100.


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