Dennis Touliatos from The Plot explains what a crop-share is and invites you to join this growing season.

A crop-share involves building a community of supporters that pay a regular subscription fee to receive a share of a farm’s harvest throughout the year, along with updates on how their share (the veg) is growing and tips on how to use it. In doing this, the growers and the customers share the risks and rewards of farming, and form a direct, just, and transparent relationship. This can also lead to other things too e.g. invitations to workdays, farm tours or harvest meals.

In the case of The Plot, you don’t just get a weekly crop-share, but your money also goes towards supporting the training of aspiring local organic growers.

The Plot offers training and support for new growers who want to produce local food through the FarmStart programme. This is run in partnership with FoodFutures, a network of organisations and individuals working to create a “thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair”. The Plot also hosts regular volunteer days, workshops, and events, where anyone can join and learn about organic farming, food sovereignty, and community resilience.

Alongside the crop-share The Plot also sells its produce online through the Open Food Network, a platform that connects local food producers and consumers. Customers can supplement their crop-share and/or order from a range of seasonal vegetables and fruits, and other local products, such as eggs, honey, bread, cheese, and more. This ensures more of your money goes straight to the producer, rather than many middlemen (as is the case with supermarkets).

As well as offering healthy food, The Plot also aims to build environmental health and local wealth by connecting people with food, land, seasonality, and nature. By growing and supporting the eating of local, organic, and seasonal food, it hopes to reduce the environmental impact of food production, improve the health and well-being of the community, and support the local economy.

It does this as part of a growing movement of local food initiatives across the UK and the world, that are challenging the dominant industrial food system and creating alternatives that are more sustainable, equitable, and democratic.

By joining The Plot’s crop-share scheme you support all the above, and receive a weekly veg box delivered to your home or a local collection point. This contains a selection of seasonal vegetables and fruits, all certified organic and grown locally by The Plot. You will also get a newsletter with recipes, tips, and updates from the farm.

For more information about The Plot, to join the crop-share scheme, or to get involved as a volunteer, visit:

On 24 April The Plot is hosting a site tour and volunteer work day as part of the Spring Into Action week of events.

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