Ian Dewar, coordinator of The Lancaster Health Festival (the Lost Art of Living), tells us what it’s all about. He answers the questions: What is Lancaster’s Health Festival and why have it? Do you have to be ill to attend?

lancaster lost art of living

Our health is getting worse not because of some demon disease that has sneaked up on us, but because we’ve lost our balance in life.  Too much sugar, don’t walk enough, don’t talk to each other enough… You get the gist.  But the really important reason for organising the Health Festival is:  if you lose balance in life, how can you have fun?  How can you build a richer life?

The health festival is about being well enough to have fun, being well enough to have a richer life.  It’s about re-discovering the lost art of living. But: Why a health festival and not a fun festival?

Because a health festival will you give you the tips you need to get you to the place where you can have more fun.  You can have a go at Nordic skiing, meet for a coffee and chat with like-minded people, think about food and taste local produce, listen to great speakers.  Most importantly, you can have the space to see how much responsibility you can take, and how much change you can make. You are your own best advocate.

Lancaster’s Health Festival is about the community of a great city coming together to think about big issues and personal issues in a fun and playful atmosphere.  It will do this by using Lancaster’s iconic sites: Market Square, the museum, the castle and more for four days in September (20th – 23rd), and will involve a wide range of people to cover topics ranging from community and inclusive sport to sustainable food cultures.

Last year we tried the idea for the first time.  It must have been good because this year I have been inundated with people and ideas wanting to take part. Speaking of which, if you’re a community choir, a stunning juggler or a candidate for ‘Strictly’, you can get involved by emailing: ian.dewar@mbht.nhs.uk

We know we need change, but we also know that we get fed up of people telling us to change.  The health festival is about giving people time and space to think about change; time and space to start making change; time and space to say ‘I can take responsibility, I can make a difference’.

The Health festival:  It’s Lancaster’s, it’s ours; it’s about re-discovering the Lost Art of Living.


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