Behind the food on our plates lies a group of real people with lives like, and unlike, our own. We invite you to come and meet them.

I am really excited to announce that LESS has received some funding from the Arts Council England to run an art exhibition called “the Faces Behind Our Food.”


As part of this project LESS will be working with two local artists – Johnny Bean and  Ginny Koppenhol – to develop a series of photographs that depict local food and  drink producers.

The Faces behind Our Food exhibition will explore the personal stories of twelve  individuals in Lancashire, using imagery and stories to explore the complex issues  that shape the food that we eat.So often we forget about the people that grow and  process the foods that nourish us, and perhaps forget the rich histories, skills and  cultures that go into shaping our evening meal, for example. I am really looking  forward to exploring these topics in detail, and sharing the life stories and experiences  of 12 local producers with you.

The Faces Behind Our Food exhibition will tour cafés and arts venues in Lancaster  and Morecambe from October 2016 until May 2017, so you might well catch sight of it when you’re having a cuppa!  Venues and dates currently include the following:

  • 20-31 October 2016: Storey Institute
  • 1-30 November 2016: Pavilion Café, Williamson Park
  • December 2016 – January 2017: An art trail will be created across a number of cafes including The Radish, Whale Tail, Roots and the Novel Café
  • 1-28 February 2017: Lancaster University
  • 1-31 March 2017: Hot House, Morecambe
  • 1-31 April 2017: Lancaster Library
  • 1-28 May 2017: Halton Mill

We plan to formally launch the exhibition on Thursday 20th October at the Storey Institute, Lancaster, and will run informal drop-in animation sessions on Saturday 22nd October. So please come along and ask questions about the artwork and meet the artists!

We will also run a series of participatory animation workshops alongside the artwork. These will be run with the general public in April 2017, and with a number of local community groups including the City of Sanctuary, The Junction and Lancashire Youth Challenge. We also plan to run additional events to tie in with the first Friday art events, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information.

All artwork, including the animations developed during workshops, will be shown at a final event on the 27th May 2017 at Halton Mill. They will also be made available online.

You can find out more by visiting and liking our Facebook Page.

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