Esther shares her food journey and how she ended up cutting out meat and dairy from her diet.

“I have always been interested and inspired by food. My dad owned his own restaurant, serving south Indian (Keralian) food, which I used to visit often and enjoy. But I only really started to think critically about food in the last 6 years. Where it came from, how it’s made, who was behind it were all questions that were on my mind. It seemed too easy to believe that it just appeared there on the supermarket shelf!”

“Once I knew what I stood for, changing my habits around my food choices actually came easily to me. That said, having a like-minded community around me helped continue my learning and journey.”

“I decided to cut meat, dairy, honey and all traces of animals out of my food after learning about the awful practices behind it. I was driven to learn by my own curiosity, but the support and understanding I got from friends and family helped me to make the real changes in my life. They saw that I, like them, just wanted to live in a way aligned with my values.”

“Once I met and became close friends with other food-conscious people, I felt that eating in line with my values was the only way I knew how to live. The times where I have really eaten to my standards have felt transformative; I felt happier, healthier and cleaner.”

“I still have places where I could grow. For example, I have a habit of eating more processed foods than I would like, I have trouble avoiding plastic and still buy the bulk of my food at major supermarkets. Eventually, I want to be eating organic whole-foods that are locally produced and sold. I have faith that I will get there, and I try to avoid telling myself excuses: this just pushes me further away from being happy when I sit down to eat!”

“Throughout this whole journey I have never stopped enjoying and loving food. I feel so at peace when I have time to cook and it’s one of the biggest ways, I show my love for the people in my life. Food is simply and purely the essence of life.”

“I know I have further to walk but it’s worth it for a great destination!  I wish you the best of luck on your own food journey – wherever this may take you.”

We are keen to hear, learn from and share more food journeys and stories of change.

For example: Have you started eating more local and seasonal food? Have you started cooking from scratch? Have you reduced the amount of meat and dairy you eat? Have you started to grow some of your own fruit and veg? Do you try to eat more organic produce? Or have you joined or set up a community food project?

We are interested to understand what led to the above, and what supported (and challenged you!) along the way. If you are willing to share your food journey, please contact

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