Sam from Transition City Lancaster writes about Lancaster’s upcoming Potato Day.

potato day

We’ve all heard about political ‘hot potatoes’ but can even cold or muddy potatoes be political?

Well, they don’t get to vote and they don’t pay council tax…but then you can’t eat ballot papers or pound coins if – or when – our food supply system gets into trouble through Brexit, fuels costs, climate change or whatever else threatens us in getting tatties on the table.

Potato Day’ in Lancaster is always the last Saturday in January (this year on January 26th) at the Quaker Meeting House – next to the train station. It is open from 11am to 3 pm, there’s free entry and all are welcome.


The aim of the event is simply to get more food grown locally. So if Brexit causes lorries to get stuck queuing in Kent we will have a bit more to eat here in Lancaster.

There will be over 30 different varieties of organic seed potatoes for sale. You can buy just a couple to plant in a bucket in the yard, or else buy enough to grow an allotment full of potatoes.

Transition City Lancaster runs the day every year on a ‘not for profit’ basis. We just want to see more food grown locally!

So, as well as the seed potatoes, there will be loads of stalls about local food and growing. You don’t even need a garden to grow as there are community food growing projects such as Claver Hill where you can join with others and make new friends while growing great fresh veggies. So come and find out more.

There will also be people available who can give plenty of tips on how to get the best from your tatties or other veg.

We hope to have stalls on medicinal herbs, seed saving and possibly local apples and small apple trees. Claver Hill will be there and there will be stalls on wood carving, bee keeping, the Landworker’ Alliance and Scotch Quarry Park village green. Two special Transition projects will also be attending – the always popular sewing skills session and a stall about more ecological approaches to death and dying (woodland burials for example).

If all this makes you feel peckish then the Global Village Café will be serving delicious potato based meals and snacks.This is an exciting new venture from the local refugee community, so the tatties will likely appear in some international cuisines as well as some old favourites.

Potato Day has become a Lancaster tradition that always attracts a great collection of people. Everyone is welcome, even those who don’t like tatties!


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