Join Claver Hill in celebrating The Big Green Week

Written by Kathy Barton, a Claver Hill member and a co-organiser of Lancaster’s Big Green Week celebrations.

With the national Great Big Green Week taking place on the 18th-26th of September, Claver Hill community food project will be hosting several events to join the national (and local) celebrations. Claver will be hosting an open weekend where they will be showcasing how the project is taking action to mitigate and tackle the climate change emergency whilst protecting a local green space and sharing skills with local communities around sustainable food growing.

A sustainability walk around the site will explore how the land is managed to mitigate against changes in our climate whilst growing biodiversity and healthy soils through organic fruit and vegetable cultivating and the use of the ‘no dig method’. By avoiding digging and using artificial chemicals, the soil life at Claver is not disrupted and the micro-organisms, fungi and worms are supported in their role of breaking down organic matter, improving the site’s soil structure and feeding plant roots. Claver’s members, together, learn to eat with the seasons and cook from scratch with fresh local produce – reducing their food miles.

A nature trail has also been developed around the Claver Hill site for education and enjoyment.

Join us on the Sustainability walk or follow the self-guided nature trail to learn about our natural flood prevention, conservation project and see the 8000+ trees we have planted that play a small part in facing up to climate change and taking action.

Join Claver Hill in celebrating The Great Big Green Week at our Open Days: 18th-19th of September at 11am-3pm

Saturday 18th

11am-12pm: Flower Craft

12pm-2pm: Sustainability Walk,

All day: Nature trail open for self-guided walks, market stall, refreshments, and a bee display.

Sunday 19th

2pm-3pm: Gratitude Circle Celebration.  Bring musical instruments and other celebratory and practical paraphernalia.  2pm-3pm Another opportunity to say a heart-felt thank you for the abundance around us as Cliodhna leads another Gratitude Circle.

All day: Nature trail open for self-guided walks, market stall, refreshments, and bee display.

To find out more, and to join other local Great Big Green Week event during September 18th to 26th visit  and

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