Abundance Morecambe is a volunteer-led project set up by Jessica Holmes in May 2021, inspired by the Abundance Sheffield group, which maps and harvests produce and shares it out to the community. The Abundance-Morecambe Facebook group gathered 65 members within a couple of weeks and is growing fast, so there is clearly a passion to do the same in this area.

The project consists of three elements: mapping fruit and nut trees/bushes in the area, picking in groups at harvest time, followed by Abundance Week community workshops and celebrations.

For mapping: we need people to share sites where produce can be gathered.  You can fill out a ‘Share your fruit’ form and we’ll create a map of the sites you’ve shared. If it’s in a private garden your address will be anonymised and only made available to official pickers.

For picking: we will need volunteers between July and October. We plan to work in small groups, keep things fun, and offer volunteers a share of the fruit. We will organise equipment, but any offers of cardboard/wooden trays and crates would be appreciated. We’re also looking for the loan or donation of an apple press, if anyone can help out.

For Abundance Week: We are thinking of scheduling the first this September. Contact us if you’d like to run a workshop cooking produce, demonstrating jam or pickle making, or would like to help organise stalls.

The main areas we’re mapping are within the Morecambe area and we plan to tie in with the gleaning project which was piloted by FoodFutures’ Food and Environment working group in 2020. Some members have offered produce as far out as Overton and Carnforth. You’ll need to organise a group if you are further out, but we can put you in touch with other locals, so please do get involved with events and help keep the ideas to keep flowing!

If you’d like to get involved, please join the Abundance-Morecambe Facebook group, where you can download forms and find out about events. If you’re not on Facebook, please send an email to abundance-morecambe@outlook.com and they’ll keep you informed.

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