We all have our favourite recipes, or at least favourite dishes that we eat regularly. Sometimes these are foods we loved as children, or something we learned to cook from a parent or grandparent. They could also be dishes that remind us of places that we miss. Or it might simply be the comfort of something easy and nourishing, like a personal go-to for a hassle-free meal that satisfies all the senses. Or maybe a zero waste recipe that is ideal for using up leftovers and random ingredients? 

The FoodFutures Closing Loops project has launched a recipe challenge that invites local residents to share their favourite recipe for a North Lancashire Menu. A North Lancashire Menu could mean using ingredients that are local and seasonal, or it could have something to do with local history. It could also reflect the great diversity of cuisines and food cultures that we have in our region. 

Along with your recipe, we’d love to hear the story behind it. Who taught you how to cook this recipe? What do you like best about it? What does it remind you of? Where do you get the ingredients used for it, and can you recommend any substitutions, so that the recipe can be tweaked according to season and availability? 

To participate in the challenge, recipes can be sent in by email, post or via a social media post. For details on where to send them, please visit www.foodfutures.org.uk/recipe-challenge

All recipes sent in before 31st January will enter a prize draw. The lucky winners will get rewarded with one of three £25 vouchers to spend at a FoodFriends partner retailer. These include a variety of options from food shops to restaurants and local artisan food producers. Treat yourself to some fine dining at the Quarterhouse or the ReWilding, do a pre-Christmas shop at Single Step or Cockerham Goats, bag yourself some unique Christmas gifts at the Fig Tree chocolatier or head to the Cereal Box or the Herbarium for a healthy and tasty brunch or lunch. 

In addition to these tempting prizes, all recipes will be considered for publication in North Lancashire’s Community food magazine THRIVE. The magazine comes out four times a year and it usually features recipes that reflect the season using at least some ingredients that can be locally grown or foraged. 

The winners of the recipe challenge will receive their rewards in March 2023 at Lancaster’s seasonal market. 

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