We hear from Kate at Growing With Grace – an organic market garden and farm shop.

GWG staff

“It is that time of year when as an organic grower, we are literally rewarded with the fruits of our labour. Our greenhouses are bursting with beautiful produce ready to harvest. Thanks to the unique growing environment we have in our two acres of greenhouses, we are able to grow plants which originate in more southerly climates such as Italy and Spain.  The huge greenhouses are the perfect environment for soaking up a few rays of sunshine before those clouds come back around again”.

“To name just some of the amazing veggies being harvested at the moment: we have courgettes, summer squashes, aubergines, beetroot, French beans, cucumbers, kohlrabi, salad and spinach leaves, and tomatoes (these include our infamous vine-ripened golden cherry tomatoes). I don’t know how Neil (our Head Grower) does it, but they are by far the best tasting tomatoes I have ever eaten. Not even my own grown ones quite pip these ones for sweetness. That said, Neil has been growing beautiful organic veg on this site for the last 17 years, so it is not surprising that he has picked up a few skills and tricks over the years”.

Early August Harvest GWG

“Of course flavour is just one of the many benefits of organic produce. Organic food is great for you and great for the environment. We don’t use any nasty chemicals on our plants or soil. All we do is keep the soil bursting with life by feeding it with lovely green manures and compost (we are a stock-free farm by the way). By doing this, the soil is rich and full of nutrients, which the plants absorb and pass on to us when we eat them – keeping us healthy and happy. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But in case you haven’t yet been persuaded about the virtues of organic food – buying our own grown veggies means there are zero air miles. You are supporting a local business and the local economy. So what are you waiting for?”

“Our farm shop is on the A65 at Clapham (look out for the carrot signs), and is open Tuesday to Saturday 9am-5pm. The shop staff will give you a warm welcome if you call in and are happy to chat food! But if you can’t find time to come and browse our beautiful Aladdin’s cave of a farm shop, you can shop with us online, and get your groceries delivered to your door for free!”

Visit www.growingwithgrace.org.uk for more information.

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