The Faces Behind Our Food

 We spoke to Sharon Peacock of Cockerham Boers in this week’s  column, as their locally reared goat meat will be available at  Lancaster’s Harvest Market on Friday 1st September 2017 from  10:00-  17:00 in Lancaster Market Square.


 Tell us a little about yourself and your business?

 “I am Sharon Peacock of Cockerham Boers, British Meat  Goats. We are one of the UK’s longest established producers  of only high quality Goat Meat. Established in 2000 we have  17 years of experience of producing top quality products.”

Why should people buy from your business compared to say, a supermarket?

“Because our meat is sold direct to the consumer they can be reassured about the quality of the products as well as getting the absolute best value for money. With no middle men, such as supermarkets, taking a cut out of the price, we can normally sell our better quality products for a lower price than the supermarkets can, whilst still getting a sensible return for it ourselves. This creates a win-win situation where the consumer gets better value; the consumer gets satisfaction of knowing their money goes direct to the producer, and the producer gets a reasonable amount.”

Why are you attending the harvest market and what will you have on sale at the harvest market?

“Our business has always been about producing food in the best environmental ways possible. Reducing food miles goes a long way to help with this. The local producers’ events run by LESS help to highlight to the consumers how it is quite possible to buy high quality products and at a good price from the local area.”

Outside of the harvest market, where can people buy your produce?

“All our products are available from our farm on Gulf Lane in Cockerham. Customers can visit any day to collect frozen items or can order fresh items in advance. People are welcome to drop in whenever they wish and we are open whenever we are in. If anyone would like to check we are home before setting off they are more than welcome to give us a ring or text (07962812528) before setting off.”

How can people find out more about your business?

“All the details about us, our farm and our products can be found on our web page at . If people have any questions that they can’t find the answers to they can drop us a line by email to, ring on 07962812528 or even pop down to the farm to see for themselves our farm and animals.”



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