In this week’s local food column I went and spoke to the Soup Dragon ladies, Alison and Liz, whilst they franticly cooked Frittata…

The Radish

The Soup Dragon, prior to January 2016, was a regular soup and salad stall on the Lancaster Charter market and Lancaster University farmers’ market. The business has now opened a new deli and takeaway called the Radish – located on New Street behind Lancaster library.

So why has the Soup Dragon morphed into the Radish? I endeavoured to find out why…



Tell me about the Radish, what it does and why?

“We enjoyed having a stall on the Lancaster Charter market, but we wanted to expand what we were doing. We wanted something more permanent where we could expand our range of food in a flexible environment. We wanted something fresh and new and so we decided to set up a breakfast and lunch take-away and deli.”

And so in the summer of 2015, Liz and Alison joined Charlotte from the Fern and Olive to develop a new food venture – The Radish. They wanted to offer ‘good food to go’, that included a range of deli items, wholesome Paninis and sandwiches, and some of the tastiest salads I have ever eaten!


Why have you ended up working in a business like the Radish?

“We have previously struggled to find good quality, healthy and affordable food in Lancaster – food that was both fresh and innovative. We essentially wanted to fill that gap and offer something different.”

Not only does the Radish now offer affordable and healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks, but the business is actively trying to source as many seasonal ingredients as local to Lancaster as possible.


Where do you source your ingredients from?

“We try and use local ingredients where-ever possible, which has partly been influenced by the Growing Our Local Food Economy (GOLFE) project run by LESS. For example, we source our free-range milk and eggs from Stephenson’s Dairy; buy our bread from Filberts; source our cheese from Procter’s; receive a veg box from Ben, and our crisps are also produced in Lancashire. We buy wholesale items that we can’t source locally from Suma- a wholefood workers’ cooperative based in Yorkshire”.

In addition to food, the Radish has hosted a number of mini art exhibitions and is in the process of running a ‘super salad’ competition. To find out more visit, like ‘The Radish’ Facebook page, and (more importantly), go and visit the Radish itself!

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