The Our Food Futures community food strategy makes the case for producing more food within North Lancashire. There is also interest in an increasing range of land-based skills, vocations and enterprises.

LESS (a social enterprise working in Lancaster District) is now in a position to scope and purchase some land for a community farm. This project is funded through the UK Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

We understand that access to land and related facilities are huge barriers for new entrants to farming and land-based work. There may also be other barriers that you are facing.

We are interested in hearing from individuals, groups and businesses who have well formed ideas or dreams about being able to access land for the benefit of local residents. 

Please use the form to let us know more about your hopes or plans for food producing or land-based enterprises or projects and let us know:

  • what type of land and infrastructure you are looking for and at what scale
  • what skills and experience you already have and what you might need
  • what business ideas you have considered
  • your financial and time commitments
  • your interest and experience in working collaboratively with others

There are lots of online resources to help with business planning and further reading.  Check out the How to set up a community food project resources from FoodFutures,  Landworkers’ Alliance Pathways to Agroecology and Business Planning Guide. FoodFutures also hosts a FarmStart training programme which covers business and horticultural skills and supports the transition of trainees to new businesses – get in touch with for more information if interested.

Please complete the form, here:

Or alternatively, email us directly at 

The survey will remain open until mid-March. LESS will ensure that your personal information is held in accordance with GDPR principles and all published data will be anonymised.  

We intend to use the data from the surveys to help us develop our vision and spec for the community farm and the business models which will underpin it, and to identify the area of land and associated infrastructure we would be looking to purchase over the course of 2024. 

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