A personal account by Tamsin, our grower at The Plot.

The focus has firmly shifted this month at The Plot and after all the sowing and planting of spring we are firmly in to the harvest!


At our polytunnel site it has felt tropical. The plants have grown with such vigour and colour it feels like a jungle to match the weather, but our hard work creating clear lines, spaces and pathways has paid off. The courgettes, French beans, cucumbers, basil and tomatoes now weighing heavily and providing us delicious abundance.


At Old Holly Farm the vegetables have also been basking in the summer sun. Our mange tout and sugar snap peas put in a valiant effort, producing fresh pods right through to the end of July. Other vegetables raced to fill the gap and we’ve been able to add new possibilities to our online shop every week.


The squash, planted in June, have been growing visibly by the day, covering the ground with their huge leaves and hiding the orange, green and blue fruits growing in their shade.


In the weeks of July sun we had some early starts to avoid the hot afternoons and had to work to keep ourselves and the plants watered. We even acquired a picnic umbrella to fill in until our tiny one year old trees can provide us with some shade.


We have welcomed some keen new volunteers to the Plot who have brought some new energy, new jokes and greatly appreciated helping hands!


With the end of July came some welcome rain, soaking the soil in a way that a sprinkler never quite manages.

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