We are seeking a passionate, well-connected local food advocate to promote and sell numbers and increase participation in our FoodFriends scheme.

FoodFriends is a registered small-society lottery, which aims to raise money to support local food projects. Individuals donate £5 a month for an allocated number in the lottery and each month there is a draw for six £30 local food prizes. You can read more about FoodFriends here: https://foodfutures.org.uk/foodfriends/. Our aim is to sell all 500 numbers to reduce our reliance on grant funding next year and create a sustainable funding model to support local food projects.

We are seeking a talented, part-time, flexible person, to undertake the following:

  • Devise and implement a strategy to sell the remaining 400 FoodFriends numbers. This is likely to include:
    • Connecting with individual FoodFriends and using personal approaches to people committed to local food projects
    • Running a social media campaign, and generating content around the scheme and its impact
    • Hosting an short event to showcase projects for FoodFriends members
    • Using contacts and local networks to engage people in the scheme
    • Running dedicated in-person sign up events, eg stalls etc
    • Connecting with the current and new partner businesses to promote the scheme

The work would be contracted via a freelance contract, based on approximately 16 days work to be delivered before the beginning of December, for £1620. Depending on the start date, this is roughly one day per week. There would be an additional £380 budget for advertising/direct costs. This is funded via a grant specifically to grow the FoodFriends scheme.

To indicate interest in this work, email Ellen (ellen@lessuk.org) with a brief summary of why you would be well-placed to do the work, as soon as possible, and by 21 July 2021.

FoodFriends is a registered small-society lottery, run by LESS. Funds raised have supported The Plot, a new local food producer, and training programme for new growers.


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