Written by FoodFriends Scheme Supporter Joanna Poulton

Are you interested in community supported agriculture? Do you believe in regenerative farming techniques that work with nature instead of against it? Do you love growing your own vegetables or want to support others to do just that? Well, becoming a FoodFriend might just be the treat for you!

FoodFriends is a small society lottery scheme run by LESS Lancaster to support regenerative local food projects and the training of small-scale farmers in North Lancashire through the FarmStart programme. In the next eight weeks we are looking for the remaining 400 FoodFriend members to sign up to the lottery scheme. Once in the scheme, you will be in with one of six chances of winning £30 worth of amazing prizes every month from ethical local businesses including: The Quarterhouse, The Herbarium Café, Single Step Co-operative, Sewing Café Lancaster, Cockerham Goats, Claver Hill Food Growing Project and Nature Trail and FairTrade Centre Chocolate.

So, if you want to be in with an amazing chance of winning delicious prizes whilst strengthening the local food system and offering tangible solutions to the climate crisis take a look at the FoodFriends website and sign up today.

For just £5 a month you can rest assured that your money is directly building and strengthening our local food systems, supporting new growers in their crucial first year and supporting local businesses in North Lancashire. For maths whizzes it seems too good to be true! If you win a £30 voucher through the scheme just twice a year, the money you put into the scheme levels out completely which is amazing!

The scheme currently has 110 wonderful members who all donate £5 a month to support the FarmStart programme and FoodFriends need a further 390 members in order to be able to keep up the amazing work! Could you help?

For more information on the scheme and the link to sign up follow the link to their website: https://foodfutures.org.uk/case-studies/food-friends/

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