Launching for the first time this weekend, North Lancashire has a new magazine that seeks to celebrate the growing, cooking and eating happening in the district. You can pick up a copy in Dalton Square on Saturday 31st July during the charter market.

The first edition contains a collection of local stories, citizen journalism, knowledge sharing and research around how we can move toward FoodFutures’ vision of ‘a thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair.’

The cover also features an illustration by local artist, Molly Bland.

Alongside the launch of 10-year community food strategy you’ll find information about the Lancaster District Food Poverty Alliance action plan, how soil impacts a healthy diet, alternatives to food banks, and seasonal recipes from local residents that are full of seasonal produce grown in and around the North West of England. There are also stories of local community growing projects, individuals and independent businesses that highlight their resilience and resourcefulness during the pandemic.

The next edition will highlight winter veg, what a ‘climate considerate’ diet might look like, and how to plan your garden to prepare for Spring planting regardless of how much space you have.

To fill up the pages with exciting projects, skills and ideas, we need YOU to submit proposals! Would you like to write a column? Or submit questions about growing, food systems, sustainability, food waste, composting, and climate change? Can you think up a recipe that reduces food waste or uses local seasonal veg? Are you an artist that explores the themes of food, growing, or environment? Are you a local forager, food preserver, or permaculturist and want to share your knowledge? Simply email by 14th October with your ideas.

THRIVE North Lancashire seeks to celebrate and amplify the amazing work already happening locally and to encourage more people to get involved with these activities. The first edition of the magazine is free, and we would like to keep it that way whilst paying artists and food citizens for their time to share their lived experiences.

To support this we are seeking sponsorship for this exciting community magazine. We have multiple tiers of sponsorship so please email Kiki to discuss options:

Similar to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), we are also seeking enthusiastic supporters that want to pay upfront for copies of the magazine (and perhaps even cover the costs of multiple copies), so others can be gifted. Learn more at

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