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Jack, from Independent Lancaster, talks about  the Independent Lancaster loyalty card  scheme.

 Independent Lancaster was set up at the start of this  year with the aim of promoting and supporting local  businesses. People are becomingly increasingly  trapped in the habit of shopping with chain stores,  supermarkets and big brand retailers. The reliance on  these companies has been eroding the high street for so long that in many cases, now supermarkets are the only places you can go to for a variety of everyday products. There are however, still independent businesses left that can provide all kinds of great produce and services and there are currently 55 of them accepting the Independent Lancaster shop local loyalty card. This loyalty card offers incentives to cardholders as a little thank you for choosing to shop locally.

A lot of money spent in our daily lives is on food and drink. So it’s wonderful that there are so many fantastic local food businesses in the area. Cardholders will receive a variety of different offers at any of these places, though some terms and conditions do apply.

We’ve got two Indian restaurants, Moghuls (King Street) and Bombay Balti (China Street), there’s also The Study Rooms (Church Street), The Borough (Dalton Square), Go Burrito (Church Street), The Penny Bank (Penny Street) and The Whale Tail (off Penny Street), which is a vegetarian venue. There are also many cafes available around town for you to visit; The Hall (China Street), The Music Room (Sun Square), Assembly Tea Rooms (King Street), The Cornish Bakery (Penny Street), The FIG Tree (North Road), Soupanova Soups (Church Street), The Novel Café (New Street), and the Sunbury Coffee House (Sun Street).

If you want food on the go, then you can pick up wraps and sandwiches from Moorish or Shelleys, and many of our cafes also provide a take away service.

One of the really delightful local businesses supporting the loyalty card is Filbert’s Bakery on King Street. Local, independent bakers are few and far between these days with a majority of people buying their breads and cakes from supermarkets. Filbert’s makes all kinds of delicious baked goods fresh each day and on Saturdays their cinnamon rolls are worth making a special trip into town for.

Alas, there isn’t enough room to go into details on the great food and lovely environments at these independent eateries, but you can find out more information about each of them and the loyalty card at


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