By Jay Godden, Closing Loops Gleaning Coordinator at Eggcup

Last month Eggcup launched a new scheme with market traders Supper by Sanah to help people pull together during the rising cost of living, and support each other with hot meals. They run a stall in the Lancaster markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays and at the FoodFutures quarterly seasonal markets. (The next one’s the Midsummer Market on Friday 16th June!) 

Hand serving curry into a take-away dish

People are able to pay £3 forward to Supper by Sanah at their market stall to fund an Eggcup food voucher. These vouchers will be raffled out to Eggcup members who are interested (since there won’t be enough vouchers for one member, and want to keep it fair). The vouchers can be exchanged for a hot meal worth £5.50 from Supper by Sanah at no cost to Eggcup members. Supper by Sanah are very generously making up the extra few quid. 

Sanah is based just across the road from the Eggcup warehouse, and approached us with this idea a few months ago knowing that many people in North Lancashire are facing hard times with their money and wanting to help to give back. Her market stall has become a staple over the last few years, but Sanah knows that not everyone can afford to buy food out very often and was thinking of ways to support more people and get her delicious curries into more households. 

We at Eggcup were really excited at the idea. The demand for our services in food support have only been going up through the pandemic and now the cost of living crisis, while access to surplus food (which Eggcup and other local organisations rely on) has trended down at a national level. This means that we’re happy for any new idea that may allow us to support members with more food.
We see this model as potentially scaling to other businesses, too. If the trial with Supper by Sanah goes well, we would love for more food businesses to get involved and support other food groups in their local area. This could make it really easy for people across Lancashire to be able to make small donations to people in their local community who could do with a helping hand, and it could enable members of food clubs to access a wider range of food than is currently available.

If you would like to help Eggcup support its members more but are neither a food business with surplus nor able to volunteer with us, this new scheme is a great way to chip in. For a donation of only £3 a hot meal of curry with rice can make its way to one of our members – a really efficient way to use some spare change for a local charitable purpose. 

So next time you’re after a spot of lunch in Lancaster, do consider paying one forward for someone else, too.

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