Local food festival

Last Saturday LESS organised a local food festival at Halton Mill. The event marked the last month of the Faces Behind Our Food photographic exhibition which is now on display at Halton Mill for the rest of May. If you haven’t managed to see it yet now is your chance!

The local food festival welcomed eight local food producers to sell their goods including: Cockerham Boers, the Biza Baker, Claver Hill Community Food project; Old School Brewery; My Puds; Lancaster Seed Library; the Fig Tree and Simply Country and Co who were selling Sandham’s cheeses.

The Biza Baker is a really exciting new local food business. Jitka from Biza Baker makes a range of international goods with the aim of giving people the chance to taste something different here in Lancaster without travelling around the world. Her range includes vegan cake, gluten free cookies, different pastries, special heart shaped onion rolls, special sweet buns filled by plum jam or poppy seeds baked with sourdough starter. If you fancy trying some of these goodies you can! Bixa Baker will hopefully be joining us at Lancaster’s Midsummer Market on the 16th June.

My Puds is also an exciting young local food business. Michael William Billington has developed a range of desserts and puddings and a lot of his fruit based desserts are made from wild fruit collected locally by Michael- including Rowan and elderberries.

Alongside this small pop-up market, You Can Flourish created a local-food themed café and Julia Russel ran a well-attended forage walk along the River Lune which resulted in wild garlic pesto and a seasonal salad. Bruce Crowther from the Fig Tree also trained nine more people in making ‘fair chocolate’ and Ginny Koppenhol ran a taster stop motion animation workshop which focused on the stories of the Borough Brewery and Cockerham Boers.

All the Faces Behind Our Food animations can now be viewed on our blog at www.foodfutures.org.uk/the-faces-behind-our-food/

The Faces Behind Our Food photographs and stories were hung around Halton Mill and, for the first time, the full audio from the interviews with producers was made available. You can now listen to the voices behind the exhibition online at: soundcloud.com/user-675142718

Our key task now is to start thinking about next steps and we really welcome your feedback and thoughts. There are ideas to expand the exhibition and document the work of more sustainable local food enterprises in the North West. We also want to take the exhibition on tour around Lancashire’s rural areas and run even more local-food themed discussions and events alongside the work. What do you think? 


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