In this week’s column we hear Liz’s food story and how she ended up joining Lancaster’s FarmStart organic growers support course.

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My name is Liz and I live in Kendal. As a small child my favourite place to hang out was on the veggie patch. In fact one of my earliest memories is planting carrots with my dad. When I grew a bit older I spent most weekends and evenings helping him in the garden.

We had a large plot and were able to produce enough fruit and veg to feed our family of seven comfortably most of the year. I used to love wandering through the garden eating a runner bean here and picking fruit there as I went. We were pretty good at storing too – having boxes of wrapped apples and pears in the garage, and a giant freezer full of purées & blanched veggies. Harvest time was busy! Very happy memories.

As an adult I have had an allotment and also grow limited fruits and veg in my “yard-en” (although a voracious snail population here brings many challenges!) I am passionate about the power of food and nature to help people heal. In fact, I am a qualified nutritional therapist, aromatherapist, homeopath & shamanic practitioner.

Connection to nature, eating organic food and utilising mother nature’s many healing plants is our best chance of creating wellness and being whole emotionally and spiritually. It has to be a two way process though – we need to nurture and feed mother earth in return. So my other big passion is sustainability and promoting a return to living in balance with nature.

I am particularly interested in forest farming as a growing model and finding a way to create a true medicine garden. I am interested in healing people as they work with the land, creating wholesome foods and healing herbs which in turn nourish and heal those who they feed. I also aspire to nourish the land by giving it what it needs to be healthy, disturbing it as little as possible and giving it permission to get a bit wild whilst producing wholesome foods for us. A true green prescription which supports the circle of life.

I have spent the past year learning about sustainable land management to promote a diverse ecosystem as an ethical way of keeping my horses and their land healthy. I was attracted to the FarmStart course because I wanted to learn more about sustainable growing techniques for food and wanted to meet like minded people. I also felt it would be a stepping stone to my dream of becoming a smallholder.


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