Cathy local food pledge

I am starting my 6th week of the challenge on Friday.  I had done quite a lot of my shopping at Single Step already and of course Billy’s eggs and the cheese stall on the Saturday charter market.

We started using a milk man in February so we have a good range of produce.

But now I look for even more at Single Step and found they sell peppercorns, salt, and yeast from the big jars.  So I am pleased about that J

I asked the Asian shop on Blade Street where he got his fresh coriander from and he said at the moment it is from Cypress (I think that was it), but in a few weeks’ time it will be locally sourced.

I also buy my 100% chicory drink from Health and Brew.

Sainsbury’s has noticed my change in shopping habits as they now spit out a coupon for 5 times the Nectar points if I spend £50 there.  Of course that is not going to happen but I think they are worried about what your project might be doing to their sales!

Anyway, I am enjoying the challenge.


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