Written by Fenny Suhono, Finance Officer at LESS

 Courgette or zucchini comes from the same family as cucumber, squash, and melon. The unique fact about courgette is that they are harvested when their immature seeds are still soft and edible. It can be eaten raw, and its flower is also edible. To get the best benefit and texture of courgettes, it is important to keep them fresh by storing them in a paper bag, dry and unwashed. Leave one end open to allow air circulation and keep them in the refrigerator crisper drawer. They will last 1-2 weeks; the wrinkles on the skin probably start to emerge over time, however they are still perfect to eat!

There are many ways to enjoy courgettes, either in savoury or sweet dishes. They are a good pair with pasta, a pleasant vegetable in a curry, a fresh flavour in salads, even a beautiful produce in baking. Ratatouille, one of the most famous French dishes, relies on courgettes as the key ingredient. One thing to remember is to not boil courgettes because that is going to change their texture, and they will become squashy and flavourless. Unlike cucumber that is fresh and juicy, courgette is slightly sweet as well as slightly bitter. By cooking them, it elevates their sweetness and softness, making them tastier and more delicious to eat.

While we enjoy the flavoursome of courgettes and other ingredients, our body can take the health benefit from them as well. Courgettes contain a substantial amount of Vitamin C that plays a key role in strengthening our immune system. They are also a great source of potassium which is responsible for keeping blood pressure stability. Another benefit is the soluble and insoluble fibre contents in courgettes helping to support healthy digestion, and keep the normal level of blood sugar and insulin.

 Apart from these health benefits, one large courgette contains only 52 calories and around 95% of water. That is why courgettes are one of the best choices to include in the daily diet menu. If you are feeling peckish between meals, they are perfect to nibble as well. 

Happy tummy is a healthy tummy.

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