Sharon from Cockerham Boers discusses how she ended up producing goat meat.

all of us 2013new dog goat meat Way back in 2000, when Chris and I bought a field to grow our own food in, we had no idea  what else we would do with the land – other than produce good quality food for ourselves.

When we almost accidentally landed on the idea of producing goat meat, our family and  friends and local conventional farmers looked on in slight disbelief.

Still, at this stage we merely planned to feed ourselves. However, we soon started letting  other people “try” a bit of our meat- a meat then considered unusual.

We were soon obsessed by the beautiful taste of what we were producing and got pulled  further into the production and promotion of top quality goat meat.

Meanwhile, we retained our passion for animal welfare and the environment awareness side of food production. (We recently undertook another huge tree planting scheme to add to the wildlife pond we dug a few years ago, amongst other projects).

In the early days there were three or four producers of UK goat meat with herds anything near a semi-commercial size. To our knowledge we are now the longest established producer of top quality goat meat.

Leap forward to 2013, and our goat meat was the first ever to appear on the prestigious TV chef competition, the ‘Great British Menu’. We were honoured to be chosen for the show. But when Chef Michael Smith’s goat dish went on to win the competition overall it was thrilling. We became even more certain of how wonderful our goat tasted.

Since 2013, goat meat has gone from strength to strength in terms of popularity (and availability).

So what is all the fuss about?

Well first, forget everything you think you know about goat meat! Prime meat from ‘Meat goat’ breeds (Boer & British meat goat) is sweet, tender and moist. You can use goat meat as an alternative Sunday roast with a leg or shoulder. You can BBQ some chops or sausage or make a lovely Goatherds Pie. You can also slow cook it or make a curry. (Don’t think of goat meat as limiting).

Goat meat from a real ‘meat breed,’ is your best choice in terms of quality and taste. And, as with all food, buy direct from producers to keep food miles and cost to you down.

Cockerham Boers has a fresh goat meat batch roughly once a month which can be advance ordered. Between batches you can often collect frozen meat from us. For more details contact us via our website


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