anne jarvis  I took the food pledge at the end of July this year primarily to challenge myself to live a greener lifestyle. I like  cooking all sorts of food but had got into a habit of eating the same things week in week out. Having an allotment and  visiting Claver Hill sporadically I have had lots of fresh veg this summer and surprisingly a little goes a long way.

 I’ve found it a challenge not regularly reaching for the avocados when shopping as I love them. I have found I visit a  supermarket less often in the month and so I’m less tempted to buy exotic items.

 The food challenge has also encouraged me to think if I really need to buy an item and has got me to question: can i  wait until there’s a local option more accessible or can I eat/cook something else?!

I’m definitely sourcing more food locally now than I was before I took the challenge. I’m not one for keeping a spread sheet or list of where I buy stuff but I’m visiting more local grocery/fish/meat suppliers.

I’m keen now to ask more restaurants/cafes where their food is sourced as usually it is not clear.

I imagine if I was still cooking for a big family this would be more of a challenge but not impossible. Just more time would be needed to be inventive with food.

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