With the cost of living rising, we are seeing a huge increase in numbers of those needing to use a foodbank. Many are having to decide between turning the heating on or eating that week. We’ve gone from Martin Lewis being the ‘which banks give the best interest rate’ to being the ‘how to survive and where access basic human needs’ guy in a matter of months.

Traditionally, foodbank donations come from those who are also in need and choose to spend their ‘extra cash’ giving back. Now with the added pressures of the cost-of-living crisis, donations have taken a drastic decrease, before an expected tsunami of demand.

Why do we need foodbanks?

Foodbanks provide more than just food. Food is used to break the barrier and connect with people. From this simple act, a conversation starts and a relationship forms. Foodbanks are able to direct those in need to other help available which can address the issue(s) around why someone needs a food parcel.

It is important to note that Foodbanks will not cover the entire shopping need; they supplement the need and free up cash to spend on other essentials. For example, school uniform & trips, essential clothing, electric, travel etc.

Foodbanks also help tie people over when their circumstances change. These circumstances can be a number of things for example, if you start a new job and don’t get paid for 4 weeks or a relationship breaks down and two incomes become one.

Where can I donate to a foodbank?

Across the Lancaster District there are several foodbanks/ clubs you can donate to. Many have bins in supermarkets, you can go to them direct or donate money so they can buy new or surplus food.

What can I donate?

The simplest way to decide what to donate is ringing a foodbank and finding out what their shortage is. Here are some useful examples of what foodbanks look for; tinned meat, tinned soup, tinned vegetables, long-life milk, tea and coffee, sugar, cereal and treats (because who doesn’t like a chocolate bar!)

Here is a list of some foodbanks/ clubs in the Lancaster District area:

Egg Cup: +44 01524 928027 www.eggcup.org

West End Impact: +44 1524 888929 www.westendimpact.org.uk

Stanleys: +44 01524 410076 www.stanleyscommunitycentre.co.uk

The Olive Branch: +44 1524 555715 the-olivebranch.org.uk

The Trussell Trust Food Bank: +44 1524 932001 https://www.trusselltrust.org

Father’s house: +44 01524 63770 www.fathers-house.co.uk

Morecambe pantry at the Parish Church: www.morecambeparish.church/pantry/

Mustard seed at The Priory:  +44 01524 65338 www.lancasterpriory.org/priory-people/community/


Written by: Amy Kohl Marketing and Communications Coordinator for FoodFutures

Photo credits: Kyriakos Hadjielia

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