Anna Clayton invites you to listen to North Lancashire’s first place-based food podcast and share your feedback and ideas for future episodes.

THRIVEpod is North Lancashire’s first podcast dedicated to discussion all about the local food system. From the cost of living scandal, to regenerative enterprises and the re-wiggling of rivers, this pilot podcast series explores a range of topics relevant to our region, with, and for, local residents.

Each episode sees THRIVEpod host Caroline Robertson, joined by a couple of special guests, many of which will have contributed articles to THRIVE Magazine, North Lancashire’s seasonal community food magazine and citizen journalism initiative. Intro and outro music was created by Beth de Lange, a musician and small holder  in Overton, and Aaran Kara from Man on the Lune supported editing.

Caroline’s first THRIVEpod episode explores the cost of living scandal with Jeni Meadows from Citizens Advice and Dusty Thomas from the Lancaster District Food Justice Partnership. The following offers a flavour of the topics covered:

Jeni Meadows: “ the cost of living crisis has been going on for so long that people are just kind of living with it now. And I think that’s leading to a lot of problems with debt, like housing issues, with really big stuff that people just can’t afford to fix. So it just gets worse and worse and worse..”

Caroline: “a really interesting observation that people are sort of living with now…and I think I read in Thrive magazine…if you walk along the Morecambe promenade, there’s like a life expectancy difference of about 15 years depending on where you are. Is that right?”

Jeni: “Over about two miles of stretch. Yeah.”

The episode also covers what local services and projects are working to address this scandal…

THRIVEpod is part of the FoodFutures network, which seeks to create a “thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair”. Future episodes will be released in the new year, once per month, with each episode exploring this vision from different perspectives, whilst sharing tips, tricks and stories for making this vision a reality. 

As this is a pilot series, made possible with funding from Walney Extension Community Fund, Caroline and the rest of the THRIVEpod team are keen to hear your feedback about each and every episode. They also welcome your ideas for suggestions of guests or topics for future shows. 

Listen to THRIVE Pod here:

Share your feedback and ideas for future episodes here:

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