In this week’s column we invite you to join us in shaping our food futures together.
FoodFutures is developing a 10 year local food strategy for sustainable food work in North Lancashire. The final strategy hopes to be a ‘guiding North star’ for holistic food work in the area – one that is reviewed and adapted annually in response to changes in local circumstance.
In developing this strategy it is recognised that there are many possible food futures and so, to help shape this, FoodFutures is calling on businesses, community food groups, allotment growers, farmers and residents living, growing and eating in North Lancashire to share their visions for the future. In particular we invite those who have had no involvement in FoodFutures work or strategy mornings so far!

What are your ideas and dreams for a healthy, resilient and fair food system?

A variety of opportunities have been created throughout February to support you in getting involved – whether you are a food eater, producer, distributor or thinker.
These include a North Lancashire Survey:Time travel with us to 2030 where we will explore our District, neighbourhoods, schools, farms and gardens – celebrating all that we have achieved together over the last 10 years”.
Paint a Picture of Our Future: residents of North Lancashire are invited to use their creativity to visualise what our future could look like. This activity is designed for children and young adults living in North Lancashire, but everyone else is also welcome to get involved.
DIY vision discussions: During February 2021 FoodFutures will support groups across North Lancashire to run their own local discussion groups by providing guidance on running a visioning activity; offering basic resources and facilitation tips. Email if you would like to host a DIY discussion group.
Lancaster City Council Community Conversation. Thursday, 18th February, 6:30-8:00 pm This conversation is being hosted by Lancaster City Council and will focus on food poverty and access to healthy food.
Community conversation on Saturday 20th February, 3-5pm. Join FoodFutures for a conversation about food, food systems and personal experiences. What does the food system look like in 10 years time? What can we do to get there?
Ideas, images and visions that are shared through all of the above will directly feed into North Lancashire’s final 10 year food strategy. A draft strategy will be shared for comment in April 2021.
For more information and to get involved please visit:

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